Consulting Services

Before we even take a story to the press or work to gain promotion for your brand, KBNN prides itself on offering a full breadth of consulting services to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.  As restaurant consultants, we fix the problems before the public has a chance to voice their opinion on Yelp or social media and come to you with solutions before a problem even exists.  We’ve even been known to fly half way across the world to help international restaurant groups prepare for the vivacious US market.

  • Brand development: name, design, chef selection, cuisine, messaging
  • Industry Networking and Introductions
  • Business expansion strategy
  • Menu engineering
  • Spot reviewing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Restaurant launches

KBNN Services

Whether helping to boost social media presence, making key introductions with taste makers and influencers, or connecting you with leading industry events, KBNN understands that a successful campaign is a well rounded and fruitful one.